Thursday December 13, 2018

Humanitarian participation between Al Ihsan Charity Association and “Al Ameed News” Network had yielded contribution to treat 50 pathological cases through a generous support from good doers and donators totalin2,318,280 AED till the end of November 2018. The amount was dedicated to support the humanitarian pathological cases in conformity with the strategic objectives of Al Ihsan Charity Association that are based upon providing aid and assistance to all needy and abstinent families within the State.

Pathological cases presented by “Al Ihsan Charity Association”, in coordination with “Al Ameed News Network”, have been very responsive to social media by sending their direct donations through numbers dedicated to support humanitarian cases to help restore hope to the hearts of patients and make them smile.

Each Friday, “Al Ihsan Charity Association” shares emergency cases that have serious health conditions that requiring surgical or therapeutic intervention after the patients provide medical reports proving their physical and health status. Humanitarian Assistance varied between surgeries for heart patients, cancerous tumors, treatment of articulations and eye problems, sessions for dialysis patients, viral hepatitis, in addition to contributing to the treatment of "People of determination", providing drugs for heart patients, diabetes, and lung infections.

Further, “Al Ihsan Medical Complex” provides health care for patients, through either diagnosis, medical consultation, monthly therapeutic support or medical follow-up for chronic cases for token charges. The Complex includes major clinics such as internal and general medicine, Gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, radiology, sonar, pharmacy, cupping, and laboratory.

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