Thursday November 15, 2018

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ihsan Charity Association, and Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Bu Humaid, Minister of Community Development, witnessed the signature of the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) and Al Ihsan Charity Association an agreement to sponsor the “Form an Emirati Family” Initiative, as part of the ministry’s efforts to achieve the vision of the federal government 2021 through continuous and comprehensive support for the youth categories who wish to get married; such initiatives enhance transition from community care to community development.

The agreement was signed by Excellency Mona Ajif Al Zaabi, Undersecretary for Support Services in the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) and Khalid Bin Tamim, Acting CEO of Al Ihsan Charity Association.

The initiative sponsors all individual weddings for UAE nationals who are not eligible for the marriage grant and covers all the financial costs of the wedding ceremony by the association as per the agreed amount with the wedding organizer company under The Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation.

According to the agreement, Al Ihsan Charity Association will cover 44 weddings under the “Form an Emirati Family” Initiative annually. The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) ensures the quality of provided services for the beneficiaries of the initiatives, their relevance and achievement to the goals of the initiative and oversees the implementation of the initiative.

The agreement also aims for assisting and encouraging the youth generations to get married in order to achieve family stability, enhance the national agenda indicator, family and community cohesion, and achieve happiness for all the community individuals.

The initiative also encourages Emirati men to get married to Emirati women, provide community services and assistance to the youth categories who are not eligible for the marriage grant and low-income UAE nationals.

Her Excellency Mona Ajif Al Zaabi emphasized that the Ministry is very keen to activate and support participation to the efforts of sustainable development based on the action mechanism, goals and objectives that stimulate the integration efforts and partnership initiatives with different entities, in order to strengthen family stability and community cohesion in the United Arab Emirates.

She also emphasized that the partnership agreement between the Ministry and Al Ihsan Association comes as part of the vision of the Federal Government 2021 to achieve welfare for all Emirati citizens, ensure the provision of community services in an innovative, sustainable and high quality services, facilitate access to government services, activate strategic partnership between federal ministries, government entities and public benefit non-profit associations in order to raise the standards of services for the customers.

Additionally, Khalid Bin Tamim said: "Our partnership with the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) is based on national principles and has a family impact on the family level. We feel proud to participate in the “Form an Emirati Family” Initiative to contribute to the achievement of family stability, community cohesion, encourage UAE nationals to get married and create happiness among the community members by providing community services and assistance to the youth generations who are about to get married and sponsor UAE individual wedding ceremonies, noting that the Ministry and the Association are very keen to create areas of cooperation and institutional partnerships that would achieve their strategic goals by promoting community responsibilities in all fields that are related to humanitarian projects in line with the national vision of the UAE wise government and leadership. Our purpose is to achieve common interests and contribute to the services of the community.”

Khalid Bin Tamim reiterated that Al Ihsan Charity Association continues to activate and intensify the humanitarian and charitable partnerships with different entities in the UAE, this reflects our commitment to partnerships with the public benefit non-profit associations in the UAE. Al Ihsan Charity Association is one of the most important charity associations in Ajman and its projects are extended to all humanitarian areas to examine the requirements of families especially those with limited income.

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