Sunday October 21, 2018

Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Executive Officer of Al Ihsan Charity Association, participated in the "White Cane Walkathon” organized by Al Ihsan Charuty Association for the fifth year in a row on the World Blind Day, which falls on 15 October each year sponsored by “Red Carpet” and “IMG World” in Dubai. The idea of the event is that the participants experience how they will walk wearing dark glasses and using a cane like those used by the blind.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali said: “The humanitarian initiative came as a vision of the Association to the need to communicate with all segments of society to communicate with all groups in society and inculcate of the spirit of harmony, which reflects the spirit of good and positivity in them. Furthermore, the participation of this large number in the "White Cane” initiative was an opportunity for them to support the visually impaired people. We were pleased with the huge participation in this initiative that reflects their humanitarian aspect and with the opportunity, which aims to support such humanitarian initiatives and encourages the volunteers to participate in this Walkathon.”

The Walkathon began with electronic registration of participants of more than 1,600 participants from different segments of the society and more than 100 volunteers who organized the Walkathon, which was inside the IMG and witnessed a remarkable organization reflecting the cultural awareness that can be achieved through humanitarian initiatives and to support the visually impaired people and how they deal with the challenges and difficulties they face.

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