Tuesday December 25, 2018

يوم ترفيهي لأيتام "الإحسان" في "القرية العالمية"

In recognition of its community participation with respect to the orphans, contribution to make them smile and bringing joy to their hearts, “Global Village” in Dubai hosted 17 orphans under the sponsorship of Al Ihsan Charity Association - Ras Al Khaimah Branch, as they enjoyed an entertainment day and competitive time in Carnaval Funfair.

“Global Village” has always hosted the orphans of “Al Ihsan” regularly, and invited them to spend challenging and fun times, including various entertainment and skill games for all age groups. By the endo of day, “Village” Management provided foods and beverages for them. The event was attended by Aisha Al Khateri, Director of the Branch of Al Ihsan Charity Association in Ras Al Khaimah, and number of the officials of Global Village with the participation of the orphans’ supervisors of the Association.

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