Wednesday December 26, 2018

To keep providing the humanitarian assistances and participation in community services, Al Ihsan Charity Association, Ajman distributed 4,206,290 Dirhams “Zakat” provided by Dubai Islamic Bank to 1080 needy families entitled to Zakat with various amounts, after studying their financial conditions and number of members thereof, in addition to humanitarian cases entitled to Zakat as per Sharia requirements and examining the conditions of families with limited income.

Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ihsan Charity Association, extended his warmest thanks to Dubai Islamic Bank, one of the most prominent strategic partners, for their annual support for the charitable programs and projects of the Association, their trust given to Al Ihsan Charity Association to deliver Zakat to the needy and abstinent families living in conditions of scarcity, to provide a decent life for them, through distributing cash to them, which would contribute to provide their needs and necessary requirements.

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