Sunday October 07, 2018

HH Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ihsan Charity Association, praised the relationship of participation and cooperation with governmental and private institutions as key supporters of many charitable programs and projects implemented by the Association, which benefited many needy families as part of the efforts made to help the abstinent families on the basis of social responsibility enhancement and providing humanitarian support to all societal groups. Chief Executive Officer of “Al Ihsan” paid tribute to the generous support provided by sponsors and supporters of the Association to implement seasonal charitable initiatives and projects through providing all charitable and humanitarian support to the needy and abstinent families.

Spending in 2018

The report prepared by Department of Sponsorships and Programs stated that Al Ihsan Charity Association had spent AED53,612,595 since the beginning of 2018 until September to implement many charitable projects and provide assistance to the widowers, divorced, abandoned women, prisoners’ wives, contribution to surgeries, provision of medicines, payment of rental arrears and tuition fees.

The total spending on humanitarian assistances, which have been made by “Al Ihsan” amounted to AED14,878.732 that benefitted 5000 families in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah, including payment of prisoner's indebtedness, monthly financial assistances, sponsorship of orphans, rental arrears and tuition fees.

Furthermore, the Association spent AED30,687.500 on Ramadan projects that involved Mir Ramadan, Feeding a fasting person, Zakat Al-Fitr, distribution of “Eidi gifts” to the orphans and distribution of school bags to the students of the families sponsored by the Association. Moreover, the total spending on “Hajj Al-Badal” (Hajj on-behalf of another) project amounted to AED6,500.000 to perform the rituals of Hajj on behalf of 2655 persons who met the requirements.

As for medical aids, through “Al Ihsan Medical Complex,” the Association spent AED1,546.363 on 276 medical cases, varied from providing medical services, medicines and surgeries.


ISO 9001:2015

“Al Ihsan Charity Association” got ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Management System for its efforts in developments of charitable work projects and the compliance of “Al Ihsan” with quality and performance standards. This shall demonstrates that the Association is on the right track to access to leadership in line with its purposeful mission and the vision of being the leader of the charitable and humanitarian works within United Arab Emirates.

Quality Certificate represents the result of effort and a special job done to develop and upgrade the level of services and applicable procedures in the Association as well as the development of many services, expansion and upgrade of the facilities of the Association, its different departments, train staff consistent with the requirements of upgrading the modern institutional work and energize its mechanisms to provide the best services as “Al Ihsan” serves as a link between the good doers and needy persons as it is trusted by many good doers.

It is important to note that the Association sponsors more than 6000 families and cares of more than 1000 orphans within the State that assists them through monthly monetary and in-kind sponsorship. In addition, it provides monthly medical and food aids for them and provides services, including targeted segments of society to spread the values of love and humanitarian solidarity and promote the humanitarian and charitable work at various levels.

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