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How to calculate Zakat

If you want to calculate the quorum by gold; it is the money that has to buy (85) grams of gold (24 carat ).

for Example if one gram of gold (24 carat) equal to (60 AED) then the quorum is: (85) g × (60) AED = (5100 AED ), If the money has reached the quorum, then you should pay Zakat which is a quarter of one tenth and the method of calculation that dividing the money by the number 40

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How to calculate Gold Zakat

If the saved gold weight is 85 grams or more then the zakat is quarter of one tenth or 2.5% of the value of the saved gold . For example if you have 85 grams saved gold and it worth 3000 Dirhams , then the zakat will be 3000 X 25% = 75 Dirhams.

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