Speech of the Chief Executive Officer

Allah has made human as His successor on the earth, to live and eat out of it since thousands of years. Allah assigned man with architecture, succession; worship of Allah, as well as good deeds and to be kind to those around him. Whoever does the good work will find his way to Paradise as wide as the heavens and earth and who does bad work will be punished. Man was, and still, constitutes the focus of the work. Good work towards the other is a solid foundation of worship. Thus, we need to be good to each other to have the satisfaction of Allah and to completely feel self-satisfaction as having a mark in this life. The most important mark is the art of giving which is not linked to an institution or association but it is linked to the human psyche that is full with happiness, life and loving others.

Al Ihsan Charity Association seeks to give alms to people based on genuine and profound standards, sustained by it, and to assist those people to live in a dignified manner. Through its various programs, Al Ihsan Charity Association makes its way towards the satisfaction of Allah Almighty in compliance with the verse ((To those who  do right is a goodly [reward] and more..)). The best [reward] is Paradise... what a beautiful award. We ask Allah Almighty to rest us in the highest paradise; he is over all things competent.

HH Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi