Health Care Projects Details

Al Ihsan Hospital

0% Goal: 8000000 AED

In a generous gesture of H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, member of the UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, Al Ihssan Charity Association has been granted a building (formerly a school) in the Emirate of Ajman in order for the Association to rehabilitate, equip, benefit from it, and turn it into "Al Ihsan Hospital” that contains 25 beds, as a kind of support for the healthcare charity during the current crisis conditions.

The Purpose ...

- Providing advanced health care to abstinent families and people with limited income;

- The Hospital operates according to the highest levels of global evaluation of accredited health institutions.

Objectives ...

- Reducing the costs of treatment, surgeries, deliveries, and providing other ways of health care for people with limited income;

- Spreading the spirit of social solidarity among members of the society;

- Increasing and alleviating the shortage in hospital bed coverage in the Emirate;

- Being ready as per the Emirate's health plan for health crises and disaster resilience;

- Alleviating the shortages in dialysis, intensive care for old people, and intensive care for children, especially during times of epidemics and crises.


Beneficiaries …

a. Registered Cases

These are the cases that had been reviewed at Al Ihssan Charity Association and are receiving free treatment at the Hospital.

b. Emergency Cases

These are the poor cases that approach the Hospital directly and they receive free treatment for once or more, as needed, until the Hospital refers them back to the Association in order to review their cases and sponsor them accordingly.

c. General Cases

These cases are treated in the Hospital in return of small amounts and the Hospital benefits from such amounts in order to keep its work sustainable and developed and to safe part of its operational cost.

Location …

- The Hospital is located in Mushairef, in the middle of one of the neighborhoods inhabited with majority of citizen and resident families in the Emirate of Ajman. It is expected that the number of patients visiting Hospital in the first year will be around 10000 patients as the Hospital can be reached easily and is concerned with providing high level of healthcare charities.

- The total area of the Hospital is: 9,945,85 square footage.

The Hospital consists of the following Departments:

- Reception

- Diagnostics department

- Pharmacy

- Outpatient Department

- Major Operations

- Maternity Units

- Medical Analysis Laboratory Department

The reasons for Establishing Al Ihssan Charity Hospital

Al Ihsan Charity Association receives requests for medical assistance and treatment on annual basis at a total cost of AED 4.916.565 to assist 431 treatment and medical cases

These cases had been assisted in whole or in part with large amounts as per the latest statistics in 2019. So, it was necessary to establish a specialized hospital affiliated to the Association in order to increase the number of beneficiaries and reduce the expenses spent on medical cases, which

helps in developing the Association and investing the amounts in developing similar or any other charity projects.

Cost of the Hospital:

The Cost of the Hospital is AED 8,000,000

As per the study conducted by "Index Healthcare Management", this cost includes the Project management, architectural design, medical planning and quality control, in addition to specialized engineering tasks, licenses and coordination with the concerned authorities.