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Project to support people of determination

The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said that Allah Glory be to Him said: “No Muslim pricked by a thorn, or something above it unless a degree is written for him by it and a sin is erased from him.” What a great standing it is to support those whom Allah loves and fulfill their requests, so that we may be resurrected with them in the hereafter. From this standpoint, Al-Ihssan Charitable Association seeks to support the "people of determination" and to provide them with the means that secure their basic needs, whether medical, therapeutic, life or educational care, which ensures their advancement through embracing and sponsoring them by philanthropists, and providing psychological and moral support for them, which helps to integrate them with the rest of the community, discover their capabilities, to be active in their society and contribute to the service of their country. We are all partners in caring for "people of determination", and it is necessary to secure the means that provide them with a decent life, in addition to supporting their families.