Health Care Projects Details

Al Ihsan Medical Complex

Al Ihsan Medical Complex started in 2003 as one of the projects of Al Ihsan Charity Association to provide medical care and treatment for all society segments of the poor, needy, orphans and the widows, and more than 3000 families.

The work has been progressively developed to become an integrated medical work through the establishment of various new medical clinics in order to provide services to society members for a nominal prices to support the projects related to the poor and the needy and also to provide the wages of workers in the Medical Complex and provide free treatment for patients who are sponsored (poor and low-income people as well as emergency cases, especially the elderly, children, orphans and widows) which is considered to be as the first charitable Medical Complex in the UAE.

The complex seeks to improve the scientific and technical level of its medical staff by providing them with developmental courses, scientific tests, seminars, festivals and conferences.

The Medical Complex includes Clinics of Internal Medicine, Pediatric, Dental, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sonar, Cardiology, General Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Cupping.

Reception section prepares the files of the patients before presenting them to the doctor, arranges appointments, receives phone calls, answers to patients’ inquiries, and prepares patient's guide within the Complex.

The complex has modern medical equipment, especially in the laboratory where all laboratory tests are carried out and all the needs of the physician for the purpose of diagnosis and follow-up of the condition. It contains a professional, licensed and well-qualified technical staff which led many specialists from outside the Medical Complex to send their patients to the Complex for laboratory tests.

The Complex works on two periods from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 to 9:00 pm Everyday except Fridays and public holidays.


Statistical data of 2016


  • Approximately 15,800 patients with various diseases, including 3500 children, were treated, followed by regular vaccinations, follow-up the growth of children and treatment for malnutrition through providing of infant formula (according to age), and all food supplements needed for children to grow properly, and to promote breast-feeding.


In addition to:


  • Approximately 5,000 cases of abdominal, chest and heart diseases were treated.
  • About 3400 laboratory tests were performed.
  • Treatment of more than 2,000 different cases.
  • Treatment of more than 80 cases of viral hepatitis C.
  • 4000 cases of diseases of pregnant women and others.
  • 1500 cases of cupping therapy.
  • Providing treatment for more than 8,000 poor and low-income people.
  • Provide care for many dialysis patients with chronic renal failure.


Departments and Clinics of the Complex:



  • Receive patients and files work.
  • Answering the phone and responding to inquiries.
  • Guide patients within the Complex.

Kids Clinic

  • More than 300 patients per month of sick children.
  • Prevention, treatment and recommendations for breastfeeding and child care.

Internal Medicine Clinic

  • More than 5000 patient per year.
  • Treatment of diseases of the digestive system, liver, diabetes, pressure, heart, chest, kidney and others.

Dental Clinic

  • More than 1500 patients per year.
  • In coordination with Ajman University/ College of Dentistry.
  • Common dental problems.


  • More than 400 laboratory tests are available including all laboratory tests.
  • Accuracy, speed and low cost.
  • Modern hardware and technologies.


  • To provide all medicines needed for patients, especially patients with chronic diseases

Cupping Clinic

  • The clinic is licensed by the Ministry of Health and is conducted according to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and under medical supervision.
  • Medical and laboratory tests before cupping.
  • Cupping therapy and prevention.
  • Please book ahead for an appointment.


  • Over 700 tests per year.
  • Different sonar tests of the abdomen and pelvis.
  • For the patients of the Medical Complex only.


  • Over 700 patients per year.
  • X-ray Tests.
  • Modern hardware and technologies.

General Medicine

  • More than 5000 patient per year.
  • Various patients.
  • High efficiency.


  • Over 12000 patients.
  • Perform all nursing matters.
  • Configure the patient to the doctor.
  • Bruise after injection.
  • ECG
  • Help the doctor in the examination.
  • Patient monitoring.


Charity projects of the medical complex during the year:


  • Provide treatment of patients with hepatitis and also includes the discovery of new cases project.
  • Provide the treatment of diabetes project.
  • Provide renal failure and dialysis treatment.
  • Provide Medicare and medicines for children project.
  • Provide medical equipment for the Complex project.


Our Strategic Projects:


  • Al Ihsan Medical Complex in Ras Al Khaimah Branch
  • One Day Surgery Hospital.
  • Charitable Endowment Hospital